Darrielle Berrian
Amanda Neil! You are Fantastic! the Staff there are Very professional! Services that Mrs. Neil provides is outstanding she listen to what you have to say, gives feedback on whatever your situation maybe be Also educate you on how to prevent or how to include per your health! Services very fast and on time !!! you will not be waiting for hours! Office very clean. Smiles all through the office!!!! Come on down and see for yourself !!!! you will not be disappointed!!!
Caitlyn Mitchell
Absolutely the best care hands down! I've been a patient of Amanda's for about 4-5 years and I wouldn't trust my healthcare to anyone else at this point. Amanda takes the time to thoroughly listen to you and find answers. Her bedside manner is far superior to any other physician I have seen. While I'm not new to Amanda I am new to Direct primary care and the experience has been absolutely wonderful and has opened doors to a level of healthcare that I didn't know to be possible.
Alayna Briggs
Dr Amanda Neil and her staff are amazing and make you feel like family!I had some severe health issues,had seen many doctors without finding anything out,I then started seeing Dr Neil and she did everything in her power to help me and to find answers,we now have the answers and she is helping me with all my medical care.I couldn't ask for a better Doctor!
alona bice
Have you ever watched a movie that had a Dr in a small town who just cared about every patient like they were family? Then you think to your self I wish Dr.'s like that existed? Amanda and Nadia are just amazing. First, I'm animic so I bruise easy and Nadia has drawn blood from me 3 times now and not once have I bruised. This has never happened. Second, Amanda is the most real, kindest, humble Dr. I have ever met. Just amazing people! My friend referred Ultimate Heath when I needed to see a primary care and couldn't get into see mine for almost 6 weeks. I couldn't wait and Amanda was able to get me in right away. I would still be waiting if I hadn't seen her. I'm already starting to feel better and thank you just isn't enough. I had been to the emergency room and they were useless. It's really special when sometime cares about what they are doing. Can you guess who my primary is now?
Haley Wilson
I highly recommend Amanda she takes her time and helps you figure out what's going on without judgement, listens, and takes your feelings into consideration! Never once have I had a problem being in her care! She is all around awesome and so is the staff! Definitely recommend to everyone!
Teejay Moore
My experience with Dr. Neils office was the best experience I've received in medical care. She was very welcoming, understanding, empathetic towards my situation, and had everything on hand to get started figuring out what is going on with my health. She requested I text her with updates and responds quickly. I couldn't be happier, I finally feel like we're going to get to the bottom of this, I'm looking forward to my journey towards healthier living, thanks to Dr. Niel.
Dena Geist
These ladies are just fantastic. They listen to you and help figure out how to overcome any issues you’ve been having. The medical knowledge and kind enthusiasm to help me really makes the 1 hour drive from my home worth it.
Caz Vodevil
Amanda is the first PCP I’ve had in over a decade. She has figured out what was wrong with me in less than a week when it’s been YEARS since anyone could figure anything out with me. She is so kind and really makes you feel like a person when you’re in her care. I would recommend her to anyone in Leesburg looking for a reliable and prompt PCP. She’s down to earth, talks in terms you can understand, and doesn’t make you feel stupid when you have multiple questions about your health like most of these doctors you find around central Florida. She offers 24/7 assistance and care from the comfort of your home via text or at her office. She is responsive and attentive. Thank you for all you’ve done for me already, Amanda. You’re the best.
Chavel Tillman
Amanda is the absolute best no matter the day or time she was there for my husband who’s dealing with COVID. Multiple zoom appointments she made sure to get all of his exact symptoms to ensure she provided him with the correct medications.Amanda is absolutely amazing and highly recommended.
Djhemson Anneaud
The services I received at Ultimate Health Direct Primary Care were amazing. Nurse practitioner Amanda was knowledgeable, sensitive, and informative. I immediately felt at ease, and felt confident in receiving expert medical care. The staff was friendly, and extremely welcoming. I walked out very impressed with the overwhelming experience. HIGHLY recommend. Djhemson
Eric Sears
I was there on a Friday morning. Staff was super amazing & the Doctor made me feel at home.
Jana Whitton
Amanda listens and takes your input seriously. She is kind and careful with her patients.
Megan Moreland
Amanda is knowledgeable, compassionate and driven to give her patients the best care possible. Not only do I trust Amanda with my health care but I trust her with my family members as well. Hands down best health care provider.
Sarah Hullender
Unfortunately I had food poisoning. But Amanda welcomed me and made me feel right at home! She hooked me right up to saline and zofran to hydrate and help with my upset stomach. I instantly felt so much better! I highly recommend Amanda's office, you get amazing personal care directed towards you.
Chavel P.
My husband was extremely sick due to Covid Amanda did multiple zoom appointments to make sure she knew his every symptom to ensure she prescribed him the best medication to help him start to feel better Amanda is the best and highly recommended